Coördinates of Yes

Coordinates of Yes, a collection of poems by Janee Baugher, was released in 2010 by Ahadada Books.  Written during a trek through Europe, Coördinates of Yes marries nuances of wanderlust (loneliness, adventure, reverie, and risk) with ekphrasis (writing influenced by the visual arts).  This collection of poems addresses different ways of seeing:  The experience of travel and art-viewing can enlighten as well as confuse, while the literal eye that journeys is undifferentiated from the eye of the imagination.  Dualism lies at the core of Coördinates of Yes:  “Coördinates” refers to the certain locale and transience of travel, and “Yes” suggests the wonderment felt by travelers and museum guests.


“One of the greatest benefits of traveling abroad is the way it can disorient us and, therefore, get us looking in brand-new ways at the world around us. Poet Janée Baugher spent six weeks in Europe and came back with this book about accepting the disorientation and affirming the pleasures of novelty.” (from University of Washington Bookstore Website)


Roughly half of the poems in Coördinates of Yes were influenced by the visual arts.  Here’s a link to those images:

Coördinates of Yes-images of the artwork that inspired these words