Reviews:  The Body’s Physics

Reviews: The Body’s Physics

“Art imitates. So art also, naturally, imitates art. How could it be otherwise? The second cave painting must have emulated the first, and the second story ever told was a sequel. We crave more—and more from—what delights us. So when poetry crosses the boundaries of genre and takes as its subject another work, a visual work, we are in the realm of ekphrasis.” — Gregory Loselle

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Art to Art: Ekphrastic Poetry — “The first time I committed ekphrasis was in 1995 at the Guggenheim. It was a small painting by Georg Baselitz that caused in me the Stendhal syndrome. Floating amid concentric circles painted in reds and browns, a dwarfish man with malformed limbs. Crude sketches of serpents and snakes create a vortex around him. Seemingly bewildered, his eyes are fused open and mouth agape…” [click to read more of my essay]

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Reviews:  Coördinates of Yes

Reviews: Coördinates of Yes

“You couldn’t ask for a better or braver traveling companion than poet Baugher. Her stunning debut book of poems, Coördinates of Yes (Ahadada Books, 2010) offers the reader reflective and meaningful insights on how to see and navigate through foreign landscapes, grand works of master artists, and the near visible outline of kindred relationships, both past and present…” [click to read more of this book review from the Boxcar Poetry Review] Continue reading