Writing Consultant

Writing Consultant

SERVICES PROVIDED: Primarily, my clients include writers of poetry who have full-length manuscripts (~9,000 words) or chapbook-length manuscripts (~3,000 words) that would benefit from an expert’s advice on how to prepare it for publication. On a case-by-case basis, I can also be available to fiction and nonfiction writers, including scientists and researchers. My rate is $60 per hour. The average project will take been 5 hours and 18 hours to complete, depending on your needs. Continue reading

Reviews:  The Body’s Physics

Reviews: The Body’s Physics

“Art imitates. So art also, naturally, imitates art. How could it be otherwise? The second cave painting must have emulated the first, and the second story ever told was a sequel. We crave more—and more from—what delights us. So when poetry crosses the boundaries of genre and takes as its subject another work, a visual work, we are in the realm of ekphrasis.” — Gregory Loselle

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Sample poems:  The Body’s Physics

Sample poems: The Body’s Physics

– after the painting by Kathleen Morris

The woman mid-canvas / her legs crossed Yogi style.
Her hands in prayer at her chest. / The title tells you what to look for:
her open heart bursting, exploding life, / similar to science in its acclaim of parts.
Her torso’s covered by what comes from heart. / The heart once solid in its red beating chamber,
the deoxygenated blood seeking its O2, / and the oxygenated blood leaving for port.
Now, all that remains of this heart is / its openness, that elusive, floating contagion.

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Tebot Bach (CA) – The Body’s Physics
Small Press Distribution (CA) – Coördinates of Yes
Small Press Distribution (CA) – The Body’s Physics
West House Books (UK) – Coördinates of Yes

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Poems online

Poems online

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